Coca-Cola, from an invention to a business

By Julie Lorenzi

Dear Sodaholic Reader,

If you don’t know about your favorite drink’s history, here is an article on Coca Cola from its invention to the nowadays!

j-s-pembertonTo start let’s talk about John Pemberton, he was the American pharmacist who came with the first Coca Cola recipe  (called at this time « French Wine Coca ») in 1885. It was an alcoholic beverage made from coca, kola nut and Damiana. Pemberton will then invent an alcohol-free version because of Atlanta’s temperance legislation.

Later in 1885, the pharmacist met Frank Robinson , they became associate and Coca Cola brand was officially born, as well as the Pemberton Chemical Company.

coke bottle.pngBetween 1888 and 1991, a businessman called Asa Griggs Candler bough the Coca Cola Company to Pemberton, and launched an intensive marketing campaign to give rise to the beverage: the aggressive promotion worked, the invention became a real business.

This new popularity gave rise to many imitations of the drink; To face this issue the company has decided to focus on authenticity, mainly with a standard and distinctive bottle shape: in 1916 the unique contour bottle was born.

cocaolympicsIn 1919 Coca Cola was purchased by Ernest Woodruff, and four years later his son Robert became the company’s president. He had a big impact on the company thanks to its marketing abilities: he introduced in 1928 the Coca Cola brand to the Amsterdam Olympics.

During World War II, the company’s president Woodruff decided that “every man in uniform gets a bottle of Coca-Cola for five cents, wherever he is and whatever it costs the company”. It’s often said that Coca Cola’s internationalisation has benefited from this strategy, the foundations were ready for the brand to expand the business overseas.

After the World War II, people needed optimism and prosperity mind-set. Coca Cola was sharing these kind of values such as people having fun, carefree American Lifestyle, happy families…In the 60s, the Coca‑Cola Company decided to expand its range of flavors with new drinks such as Sprite and Fanta in order to enhance its worldwide presence.

The 80s was the time of headbands and fitness, women start paying attention to their weight and calories ingested, to ride this wave Coca Cola came up with a Diet recipe of Coca Cola. In less than two years this new drink became the top low-calorie drink in the world.

Ten years later, the global company has adapted to change by creating computer animation, the most famous one being the polar bear drinking Coca Cola.

Thank you for reading this article, stay connected to Soda Pop Culture if you want to learn more about Coca Cola, or sodas in general!




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