The “Share a Coke” campaign

By Anais Dewitte 

Dear sodaholic readers,

As you might have noticed, for some years now, soda marketers changed the way they sell soda. The ads, the corporate website, the communication on social medias and the slogans are no longer about the product features but about emotions. In the past, soda brands sold their products with adjectives like “refreshing”, “cool”, “good”, “tasty”. Nowadays we see slogans with the words “happiness”, “live”, “positive”.

For Lipton we went from the slogan “Surprisingly refreshing and tasty” to “Drink Positive” and it is the same thing for Coca-Cola from “Delicious and Refreshing” to “Open Happiness”.

The “Share a Coke” Campaign follows on from this new trend in marketing soda to sell the experience that goes along with the product.

This campaign first started in Australia when Coca-Cola was working with local advertising agencies: Oligvy and Mather Australia. It was launched in Australia in 2012 and in 2014 it had been launched in more than 70 countries. It was really about connecting people with a Coca-Cola and actually at the beginning the project was called internally the “Project Connect”.

44379_g1422_p3_share-a-coke-2What was really appealing for the customers was the opportunity to personalise their bottle of Coke with their names. And not only names were used, Coca-Cola also thought about integrating some familiar word for example: “Share a Coke with your Bestie”. It was really clever because the can of coke was not seen as just a can but a cool accessory with a particular meaning for you and the person you share it with. Moreover, people love to see their name on a product, it gives them a feeling of  exclusivity and uniqueness. And the best part is: everyone can do it. Even if your name isn’t in the top 150 of your country, you can still order your own bottle online with the name or the message you want.

Moreover, customers really felt engaged and more than responded to the brands expectations: 500,000 photos were shared with the #shareacoke on social medias.


In 2016, they extended once again the campaign with the music: “Share a coke and a song”. Lyrics of the most famous songs were written on the cans and bottle of the iconic brand. All the lyrics that are chosen represent coke’s core values and identity: optimism, connectedness, patriotism. They even adapted the packaging to the musical approach.


The results were tremendous: after this campaign, the sales of Coca-Cola increased for the first time in ten years. More impressively, in 2015, 55% of Americans participated in Share a Coke, according to IMI International. It means that customers like to be involved in a brand project. By targeting teenagers and young adults, Coca-Cola found a way to differentiate and to innovate in the marketing field despite the criticisms about soda and its dangers on health they managed to increase their sales.

Stay tuned!



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