Our Favourite Pepsi Ad Campaigns

By: Madeleine Horrigan

Dear Sodaholic Readers,

As you may know, Pepsico was established in 1890 through the merger of Pepsi-Cola and Frito-Lay. Despite having roots that date back to the 1800s, in recent years, Pepsi has differentiated itself as the hip, modern cola option. Since its early beginnings, the Pepsi brand has released a series of iconic, high budget advertising campaigns by print, video, and on the cans themselves. To celebrate Pepsi’s 125+ years of success we’re going to countdown some of our favourite Pepsi advertising campaigns.

Pepsi Mini Cans

In the early 2000s, Toronto based ad agency BBDO released a series of advertisements to promote Pepsi Mini cans. At this time, short, miniature soda cans were becoming an offering that most soda companies provided, and Pepsi being the giant that it is had to come up with an engaging campaign to wow consumers.

pepsi-mini-cans-02.jpg  pepsi-mini-cans-03.jpg  pepsi_mini_can.jpg

Through these humorous print ads, Pepsi emphasizes it’s young, fresh and funny personality in a bold way while promoting their new can size.

Pepsi Mini Cans Revamped

In this humorous release by Pepsi in 2014, Pepsi is promoting their miniature sized cans once again, but this time they look a little different. Instead of a short, fat can, Pepsi redesigned their cans to be shorter and slimmer. When Pepsi released their campaign about mini cans in the early 2000s, it was likely that it was simply to provide customers with a smaller size option in case they couldn’t drink a full sized Pepsi all at once. This more recent mini can campaign is likely in response to health matters that surround the consumption of soda, thus giving consumers a way to enjoy pepsi while keeping their health in mind.


Video: Introducing Pepsi Mini Cans: ‘Mini Hollywood’

Pepsi Emoji

To play on the emoji trend that the world is loving, Pepsi decided to create their own emojis and placed these “wordless icons” on all of their beverages. Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi summarized this campaign well, “Emojis are the language of today but no one has put them in the world like Pepsi will in 2016. With more than 70 global and locally uniquely designed emojis printed on cans, bottles and cups all over the world, you’re going to be able to ‘say it with a Pepsi’ all through the summer of 2016″.


Pepsi Blue Card

Along with the PepsiMoji  campaign, Pepsi released a soccer themed ad that would run through Europe featuring James Rodríguez of Real Madrid and David de Gea of Manchester United. These cans of pepsi featured soccer themed emojis.

Video: Pepsi Blue Card

With all of these advertising campaigns and more, Pepsi is known as the cola brand that doesn’t do the expected and comes up with unique and entertaining promotional campaigns that truly engage consumers.

What’s your favourite Pepsi ad?


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