Oasis, be fruit!

By Julie Lorenzi

Dear Sodaholic Readers,

You don’t like Coke or Sprite, but you love Oasis? Here is an article to learn more about this crazy, funny brand.

First of all, you should know that Oasis is part of the Orangina Schweppes group, a French Company owning about twenty other brands such as Pulco, Champomy, Sunny Delight… The Oasis brand was created in 1966, and since then has developed its own distinctive universe, with slogans like “Des fruits, de l’eau de source et du fun”. You may have seen these little living fruits, with funny names and sweet personalities, in television advertising spots.

The short Oasis film, called “La Source” (here’s the link dear readers: “La Source”) was a real success, and has even more impacted Oasis’ strategy: in 2012 the official signature of Oasis became “Be Fruit“.

“La Source”

This new signature adopted by the brand will also be present in the next ad, launched in April 2012: the little group of Fruits was previously living on an enchantress Island but surprise! they arrive on earth to impose their positive and spontaneous mindset : Be Fruit (click for the video!).

“Be Fruit”

These little fruits are presenting us all the ranges of products through funny jokes: cassis-apple-raspberry, apple-pear, strawberry-raspberry and the unavoidable Tropical, who can resist?

Brand proliferation on shelves is the reason why brands need to have a real identity and provide consumers with a meaningful experience, creating value and emotional connection. Oasis seems to have succeeded in this area with a strong identity based on three major areas: freshness and naturalness, fun of course, and also gourmandise and pleasure.

Oasis is a modern brand, reaching classic medias such as TV, Cinema, Billboards, Press, but has also developed its digital strategy on Social Medias (more than 3 millions of followers on Facebook) and Youtube for example. These little living fruits are everywhere, making Oasis an original, dynamic and innovative leader in the digital sector.

If you want to learn more about Oasis strategic brand management stay connected on SodaPopCulture!
What is you favorite fruit?


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  2. www.youtube.com/oasisfunchannel
  3. https://www.facebook.com/pg/oasisbefruit/
  4. http://www.oasisfun.be/fr/fruits

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