The History of French Soda: Orangina

By Thibault Vanderschooten

Dear Sodaholic readers,

Here is a new article about a famous French Soda : Orangina. This article will explain the history of the brand. boca-povijest

The Story started at the 1935 Marseille trade fair with Dr Trigo, a spanish chemist. He went there to present his new product : the “Naranjina”. It was a mix of citrus, carbonate water and sugar that he created 2 years before in Valencia.

A french guy called Leon Beton decided to bought the concept and to launch the first bottle of Orangina. The begining of the story was very difficult because of the WWII.

In 1947 Jean-Claude the son of Leon took over the company for a new start. He decided to keep his father recipe and to launch the famous  8-ounce bottle, which became a symbol of the brand. The shape and the texture of the bottle looks like an orange.

ut Orangina had to face another problem, barman did not like the shape of the bottle which is not practical to place in fridge. Jean Claude decided to maintain his bottle and said “Our only chance is the confidence we have in this little round bottle which is, without doubt, the best discovery of French drinks since the end of the war. The only thing we have to do is convince all consumers.”

And he did it in 1953 with the first ad campaign of Orangina. We can say that the challenge is met because at that time you can drink an Orangina in Paris Champs Elysées in 1953 and became one of the first soda in France in less than 10 years.

Orangina first ad, 1953

In 1972, Orangina decided to change his brand identity to become more recognizable with the famous “shaking motion”. The “barman’s twist” was the first TV ad and marks the beginning of an era of breakthrough advertisements.

In 1977, they decided to market for the first time in France the Orangina metal can. It was the first company to try the metal can and it was a huge success in France and in 1984 they decided to start conquering the world (UK, Singapour, Malaysia…)

In 1984, Orangina joined the Pernod Ricard Group. Thanks to this new dimension, Orangina started to be distribute all around the world. The campaign “the swimming-pool” by Jean Paul Goude had a huge success and allows Orangina to touch the 18-24 population, it was a huge success.

1985, because Orangina is “also about sharing”, they decided to launch the firts 1.5L Orangina bottle : family size.

In 1986, Orangina celebrated his 50th anniversary with a huge Orangina bottle in Paris at the Porte Maillot.


That was the history of this funny french brand : Orangina.
I hope this article gave you more information about this famous French Soda.


Stay tuned



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