Orangina vs Fanta

By Julie Lorenzi

Dear Sodaholic Readers,

You may have heard about Orangina brand in Thibault Vanderschooten’s article previously, so this article will focus first on the Fanta brand and then we will compare both brands: Orangina vs Fanta which one is your favorite?

Fanta’s history…

fbd0097fe9401f752367f0ebe279ed39During World War II, a trade embargo made the importation of Coca-Cola in Germany really difficult. To overcome this challenge, Max Keith the actual head of Coca-Cola GmbH, came with the idea of a new product specially developed for the German market: the fruit drink was composed of apple fiber and whey. This is how the Fanta brand (from Fantasie in German) is born in 1940!

After the war, Coca-Cola Company regained control on the Fanta’s product, and finally discontinued it. But Fanta has not yet said its last word! The fruit drink will do a major come back in 1955 to compete against Pepsi corporation.

Now that you know about both brand let’s see which one of these colorful bubble drink is your favorite!

Capture d’écran 2016-11-22 à 18.56.05.pngThe Orangina is a french beverage made of orange juice and pulp. The drink is contained in an original orange-shape and texture bottle.

The target of the brand is young adults who want to enjoy a tonic drink with an important tenure in fruit (2% pulp and 12% orange juice in a bottle). Mature consumers can feel young again thanks to Orangina according to their last advertisement reflecting sexiness and attractiveness.

The drink is a fruit based soda, naturally tasty according to the brand.

The brand’s strategy relies on the image of joy and fun. Orangina is a modern and connected brand, present on many social media such as as YouTube, Facebook, (around 1,5 millions of followers)Twitter…

Orangina ads are always disturbing, sexy and furry ! The dancing animals in the commercials are usually eccentric and erotic, but since 2010 the brand tends to focus more on humor rather than on sexiness in the recent campaigns.


On the other side, Fanta Orange is appreciated for its sweet taste and its bubbles, as well as its original flavor, which has made the brand a leader in the soft drink market.

The target of the brand is teenagers and young adults mainly, from 15 to 24 years old. Orangina brand wants people to enjoy life and have fun while drinking the fruit drink.

“If I drink alcohol I am alcoholic if I drink Fanta then I am fantastic”

Fanta is also present on social media such as Facebook (around 18,5 millions of followers) and Twitter; The brand develops mobile-games (“Fanta Dancing”, and “Fanta City”) and animations to encourage young market, organises contests, and also creates surprises for its customers.

Moreover, Fanta use celebrity endorsement to promote its brand around.

According to me, Fanta has less personality than Orangina. Orangina has a real identity with the furry character present in the ads, and convey real emotions through their marketing campaigns. But! Brand management is not the only thing we have to take in consideration, according to the taste YOU have your own opinion so…

Orangina VS Fanta Orange, which of these refreshing, fruity and colorful drink do you prefer?



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  1. Lolo says:

    PRO ORANGINA !!!!!

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