Sodastream, the anti-soda player

By Anais Dewitte

Dear Sodaholic readers,

As I was watching the news on my phone earlier I came across this hilarious commercial made by a soda producer different than any other: Sodastream. The commercial shows a man shopping for sparkling water and a famous character from the Game of Thrones series who is “shaming” him (accordingly to the character she plays in the TV series) because he’s buying plastic bottles. And I think it was really a smart branding move because they took elements of pop culture that almost everyone know or at least, have heard of and they transformed it to straightforwardly convey their message : to stop people to buy plastic bottles. This is why I chose to talk a little bit more in-depth about this culturally innovative brand today.

So what is this concept all about and why am I talking about sparkling water when our blog is on soda? Sodastream is a machine that allows you to create your own sparkling drinks. If you wish you can make only sparkling water but they have plenty others exciting flavours such as Cola, Lemonade, Cherry, Orange and other recipes of cocktails, thus they are competing with our big players. The machine is both easy to use and surfing on the trend of home made. It is also good for the environment because you don’t need to buy plastic bottles anymore.

sodastreamThey have made the bet to present an innovative product to differentiate from all the other brands that somehow all look like and taste like each other. Why buy coke when you can make something very similar that you will be proud of doing without polluting? Moreover they don’t just have an innovative product and a very interesting value proposition: they chose a quirky tone of voice that differentiate them from all the others: Coke and Pepsi for example are very serious about the experience they provide, it is about trying to convey emotions but Sodastream chose the derision, the funny way to present product. For instance, they had this commercial with Scarlett Johansson for the 2014 Super Bowl where she presents in a scientific way the benefits of the machine, and then she wonders: how could this go viral? so she plays the role of the beautiful blond actress sipping her drink of soda, always with this humorous tone. And to differentiate again from the competitors she says “Sorry coke and pepsi”!


By doing all this, they’re targeting conscious customers: both the “green”, environmental friendly and the healthy: this is two trends that the other brands of soda have a hard time being credible on.   Point-by-point they are defining themselves in opposition with the major soda brands. They have perceived the need of creating healthier products in the soda market. The way I see it they have a major opportunity to create more awareness about the soda part and not only the sparkling water (as we can see on the GOT commercial).

Stay tuned!



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