Discover our new brand: Bubbles!

Dear Sodaholic reader,

Today we want to present our new project: creating a new soda brand as we all are soda lovers, we felt the need to bridge a particular gap: a healthy soda for kids.

Indeed, we draw a positioning map (see below) and we can see a blank in the right corner meaning that there’s a lack of healthy soda with an entertaining and lively identity.


Also we wanted to address one issue that truly matters for us: child obesity. The figures are alarming: in the past thirty years the child obesity has doubled.

Our product is basically a natural and healthy drink, for children or adults that have lost their inner child. This drink combines all the advantages of a soda: addictive taste, refreshing aspect, availability and cheap price, without the negative aspects such as obesity due to sugar and high environmental cost. At first, we will propose three bubbling tastes: lemon and ginger, red fruits, and tropical (Pineapple and mango mainly), with fine air bubbles to tickle you! The drink is an artisanal product, coming directly from our bubbles kitchens! After the launch of these three tastes, our team would like to involve customers in its strategy by an inclusive process: customers may give feedbacks and suggestions on our social medias such as Facebook or Twitter in order to expand the range of tastes according to what they expect! More than that we would like to welcome children in our bubble kitchens so they get involved in our production, and make them produce a unique taste! Concerning the packaging, you will love it for sure: recyclable cans, fun packaging with games on it, colourful and convenient.


In our team we’re like grown up children who want to keep drinking soda because we used to drink it during our childhood. However, now we want less sugar and more healthy drinks with the same joy and spirit.

Kids are creative and we want to enhance this spirit so that they always keep their joy. And even for adults we want them to retrieve their inner child. We want to preserve the imaginary of kids with our bubbles that represent their dreams, their world. To recreate this universe we will be using the animals of the jungle as our spokes character with the parrot as our mascot. The parrot will be our main character to talk to the kids: Jack Sparrot because he’s naughty and eccentric like the Disney character Jack Sparrow. We will use it in all our communication devices with his jungle friends.

We want to create a youtube channel with all our characters and show the story of our jungle. Our parrot is our main medium of communication and we want to create a jungle community on our websites with little games for children to raise their awareness on their food and drinking habits. We also want to create a real life community with the possibility for the kids to visit our own jungle kitchen and to create their own product.


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