Sprite: “Obey your thirst”

By Julie Lorenzi


Dear Sodaholic readers,

Sprite’s Logo, 60s

Historically, Sprite was created in Germany as Fanta Klare Zitrone in 1959, and in 1961 the drink was introduced in the United States as Fanta. As you can imagine, the successful Sprite brand belongs to the Coca-Cola Company

Sprite is a lemon and lime soft drink for teenagers mainly with 100% natural flavors, sold in more than 190 countries over the world. The brand is Coca-Cola Company‘s biggest brand: N1 in China, N2 in India, and N3 in US.

The Sprite drink is available from a 0,75cl can (7.5 fl oz) to a 2L bottle, in different flavors such as the basic Sprite, Sprite Zero, Sprite Cranberry, Sprite Cranberry Zero and Sprite Tropical Mix.

Sprite is known for owning a strong Green Identity, similarly as Coca-Cola and Fanta having respectively red and orange. They have green in everything: advertising, packaging, merchandising, vending machines…
Sprite Logo, NBA

However, Sprite had little competitive advantage in the 60s compared to other lemon-lime sodas such as 7-up. A process of differentiation began in the 90s with NBA sponsorship to relaunch the brand, with the Coca-Cola company‘s support and influence: the brand became more urban and modern with a strong identity and personality.

Sprite’s Actual Logo

In 1994, Sprite came up with a new logo, related to its new modern identity with silver, green and blue shades.

Concerning branding, Sprite is involved in social media marketing on Facebook (21 749 606 followers), Twitter (272K), You Tube (129K), Instagram (393K) and Tumblr. The brand is producing beautiful content such as images, that customers really like.
More than this online strategy, Sprite use Celebrity Endorsement as a strong brand strategy. As we said previously, the brand has grown exponentially since its partnership and sponsoring with the NBA event. After that, Sprite has continued to solicit celebrities and influencers such as F. Gary Gray, followed by about 151K on instagram and 64,5K on twitter.

Basketball players has also contributed to Sprite’s collaboration; Kobe Bryant for example helped build gyms for kids. Moreover, in its new commercial, Sprite took advantage of Lebron James‘s (another famous basketball player) and Lil Yachty‘s (a young rapper) popularities. The idea in this commercial is psychologic, Lebron James rather ask people if they #WANNASPRITE instead of telling them directly to drink Sprite (click here!). Other celebrities did meaningful collaborations with the brand such as Drake, or Grant Hill.

Those celebrities are really helpful in the promotion of Sprite’s events and beverage.

Sprite Corner, NY

Still in the branding strategy, Sprite has developed a concept store called the Sprite Corner; This amazing store is born around 2015 in New York, thanks to partnerships with  agencies such as Wieden+Kennedy and SET. This curious green store promotes art and music through concerts and limited-edition cans featuring well-known artists and singers such as Drake, B.I.G and Nas.

“The intersection of interesting things and people, including hip-hop, film, comedy, art and good food.”

This experimentation seems to have been a real success thanks to its values and the culture of a new community through art and music. The brand slogan’s “Obey Your Thirst” is representative of this mindset, as it can be seen as a metaphor for drinking knowledge and experiences.

JOL_002_10k_CRP_TYPE303784_DAY_01_SHOT_03_102_300FMore than that, you may all know Sprite’s “Obey your thirst” slogan, but did you know about the “Obey you” campaign? It is expressed through 20 Sprite-to-Sprite videos of about 20 seconds (click here!), in which Sprite is the main ctor, talking and encouraging young people to be themselves:

“Sprite is Sprite, You be You”

Snapping a QR code on a Sprite Can

Another Sprite’s Campaign had a huge impact on people; Snapchat QR codes were printed on cans and shipped to Brazil, connecting to celebrities’ accounts, and resulting in more than 2 million views in the first 2 days. This innovation of connecting the Snapchat logo with a product led to a major change in digital marketing. In Brazil young people do not often watch TV, however cans have a huge distribution, allowing the brand to reach thousands of teenagers.

This technic is used for celebrities but Sprite has also suggested to put the Snap-codes of local people on millions of cans, to help them gaining new friends and popularity.

The clever use of Snapchat for Sprite, with its 100 million monthly users, is a less expensive and interesting marketing effort, as snapchatters might have a real influence through their content.

To conclude this article, we can say that Sprite have their own originality in term of marketing strategy, and according to their leading position in the lemon-lime market, it seems that it is efficient!

Thank you, readers! Stay connected to learn more about sodas and their pop culture like Sprite.

Capture d’écran 2016-12-02 à 12.19.35.png


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