Izze: Simple and Humble

By: Madeleine Horrigan

Dear Sodaholics,

Have you heard of the brand Izze? Izze (pronounced Iz-zee) is an American beverage company with wholesome roots. Beginning in Boulder, Colorado, two friends named Todd and Greg decided that they wanted to create a drink that tastes good and does good for the world. Todd and Greg were inspired by the all-natural sodas that they saw in Europe and wanted to bring that inspiration to life back home in America. Izze’s relatable and down to Earth roots is part of what makes them such a likable brand. What’s better, they named their company after Todd’s daughter Isabella.

The Izze brand image is simple but eye catching. Their bold packaging is what makes them stand out on a store shelf. The simplicity of Izze’s packaging truly mirrors the simplicity in the recipe for what’s inside the bottle.


Aside from their fun and playful packaging, Izze beverages come in 18 varieties, contain no preservatives, are made with real fruit juice, have no added sugars, and are naturally low in calories. Izze beverages are also safe to consume for those who have gluten-free or vegan diets, and they make sparkling waters which are USDA Certified Organic.

The Izze brand values simplicity and this shows on their website. Since it is a relatively small company, they naturally give off an “indie” image. Izze does not produce many advertisements, but the few print ads that they have created are simple and quirky.


Furthermore, on their website they have a feed of Instagram posts where people have used the hashtags #IZZE or #FRIENDSDAYNIGHT which helps build a sense of community around this small and friendly brand. Izze also has a recipe section on their website which encourages Izze drinkers to get creative and lets them try Izze in a different way. Overall, Izze is a brand that thrives off of its relatable story, values, and humble beginnings. Do you prefer small brands like Izze or larger brands like Coca Cola and Pepsi?




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