RedBull gives you wiiiiiings

By Julie Lorenzi

RedBull’s very First Ad, 1987

Red Bull was created in the mid 80s as an Energy Drink by Dietrich Mateschitz. In 1987, the Red Bull Energy Drink is commercialized in Austria, and is  welcomed as a major product innovation but also as a product category innovation. Nowadays, the brand is present in 169 countries.

The very first ad was released in 1987 in its home market, Austria, with the slogan “Red Bull: So awesome that polka dots will literally fly off your tie!”.

RedBull is known for its soda, but is also very known in the sport context. The Red Bull Company is sponsoring  and organizing sporting events such as the Red Bull Dolomitenmann, the Red Bull X-Fighters, and the Red Bull BC One, as well as Cliff Diving, Snowboarding, Biking, Aviation events and many more. Red Bull is also sponsoring athletes such as Gerhard Berger (1889), Sébastien Loeb (2008), or Sebastian Vettel (2009) that you may know.

The Red Bull brand has an amazing branding strategy: if you like extreme sports it got involved in Event Sponsorship through creativity, cultivation and integration of the Extreme Sport Movement, and through athlete endorsement. If you’re more an artist than a sport addict it doesn’t matter, you can join the Red Bull Music Academy! Red Bull is building brand loyalty through every means, to satisfy all expectations.

Photos of Extreme Sport, sponsored by Red Bull.

On a more soda-branding-level,  the first adult-cartoon commercial was released in 1992 (Here!), and contain dialogues about products’ benefits (Vitalizes Body and Mind!).

1992, Red Bull Leonardo Commercial

Red Bull is actually offering six flavors to its customers, which is really few compared to competitors. To overcome this challenge, the brand has built a strong identity, with emotions and feelings. The slogan “Red Bull gives you wings” is linked to Red Bull’s culture: an adventurous spirit, with speed and performances.

Since 1994, the brand is getting international and spread the product to Hungary. More than that, international athletes joining the Red Bull roster such as the windsurfers Bjorn Dunkerbeck (Netherlands) and Robby Naish (USA).

1998, first cartoon ad with the pigeon and the wings

By 2000, the brand have reached the middle east with Red Bull’s Aladin spot:

2000, Red Bull’s Aladin Spot

The Energy drink that “gives you wings”, is not marketed the same way as regular sodas as you’ve may noticed. Energy drinks are sold for their image rather than for their taste. Rather than spending money on traditional technics, Red Bull brand get involved “personally” with its drinkers (being 18 to 34 years old men). As mentioned above, Red Bull is present in all the major sport events worldwide, and is even sponsoring lots of them.

Around 2006, the brand wanted to reach another target of demographics: the 35 to 65 men and women. To do so, Red Bull get inspired of two recurring dreams people usually have: being an astronaut and having the ability to fly! With this ad, Red Bull tries to get engaged emotionally with consumers and also to fulfill their dreams, this strategy shows fun and enthusiastic life, regardless of the age!

2006, Moon landing Spot

The Red Bull brand is not only present on sport events, TV, billboards, website, application, radio, sponsoring, video games (…) but it is also present (and active) on social medias! We’re starting to think that Red Bull’s strategy is infallible… Indeed, Red Bull owns the 4th position in the top 100 of Facebook brands, with 46 684 724 followers behind Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Microsoft.

So remember that even if you have numerous imitators and a small range of products , you still can experience a great success for 29 years by getting emotionally linked with your customers and by sharing passions with them !



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