Innocent Bubbles: Fruits and Spring Water

By Thibault Vanderschooten

Dear Sodaholic Readers,

Here is the refreshing beverage you always wanted: the joy of a soda with the benefits of fruits and spring water, nothing else. Do not thank me, it’s my christmas gift.

Innocent decided to launch his first “soda” in UK.
Innocent is an English brand created in 1998 and bought by Coca Cola more recently. They always wanted to make healthy and nothing to hide products. Just fruits, no added sugar or other added things.

In 2015 they decided to create a new product called bubbles. They wanted to target healthy people who want to have an alternative to classic sugary soda as Orangina or Fanta…


Innocent Bubbles is just a blend of sparkling water and natural fruit juice. The aim of thus new product is to give to consumers the opportunity to drink a soda but with natural products, to have the pleasure of a soda with all the benefits of a blend of fruits


According to Douglas Lamont, the Innocent chief executive, they are trying to make this original beverage for a long time but they never find the perfect way to do it. Thanks to the help of Coca-Cola and their expertise of sparkling drinks, innocent just recently discovered the perfect process to create this sparkling, healthy and “innocent” soda.


They decided to launch only two flavors to start this new project : Tropical and Lemon-Lime-Apple.

“People said it wasn’t possible but we’ve done it, without using concentrate adding that it differed from other flavored waters and low-fat drinks on the market because they are made with water, fruit and nothing else” as Douglas said. It is really the perfect healthy soda without anything to add.


The launch follows Coca-Cola’s latest original recipe: Coca-Cola Life. The idea of Coca Life is to add just natural sugar “stevia”. It seems that natural products are very trendy nowadays and innocent perfectly understood it.

Innocent bubbles will launch just in Starbucks outlets to start. For Douglas “We’re launching it as an on-the-go proposition, this is the essential first step but we are also talking to the supermarkets and other retailers.”


Thanks to your favorite blog, you are now aware about this alternative and you have no reason to keep drinking unhealthy soda.
Stay tuned.



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