FÏNLEY: “L’expérience exigée”

By Thibault Vanderschooten

Dear Sodaholics readers,

Aren’t you an adult? Don’t you like soda because it’s unhealthy? Don’t you want to stay fit? Coca Cola has the solution since 2014. Indeed, after Coca Cola zero in 2007 the company decided again in 2014 to target the young and healthy adult with a new refreshing product: FÏNLEY.

FÏNLEY is a Coca Cola’s old company, it was a tonic beverage but it disappeared from our

Old FÏNLEY can

shelves for a long time. The company decided to reactivate this beverage in France first, with lots of different recipes. It is a daring gamble for Coca Cola because they decided to launch the new products in drive and all stores at the same time with a huge marketing plan: millions of samples, a TV ad and a strong digital campaign. It is also important to mention that it is an unknown market for Coca Cola, which has no experience in this market.

Coca Cola thought that there are lots of non-alcoholics, sparkling and fruity drinks on the market, but just for kids. They decided to target 24-46 years old people which is a more demanding target.

The recipe is quite simple: tonic, fruit juices, natural flavors, no preservative, sugar and stevia for a low calorie beverage. Two years of work were necessary to find the perfect recipe.

Of course, Coca Cola wanted to conquer the market in order to beat one of the biggest actor in France: Orangina Schweppes which is the unalterable leader on this category.

The ad-campaign of FÏNLEY in France:


FÏNLEY is the biggest launch made by the Coca Cola Company since the Coca Cola Zero, so they decided to put all their strengths in it.

They used millions of samples in Paris and everywhere in France, they made a viral campaign thanks to Facebook, and they also wanted to target adults with a refined TV ad. They decided to recruit Omar SY as the ambassador of the brand. The ad is fun but also sophisticated, you just have to look at it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osrEeJWq_OA

Thanks to this campaign, the Coca Cola company overcome the biggest first key obstacle: in one month FÏNLEY was known by a big part of the French people, it was not the case one month before.

To summarize we can say that Coca Cola decided to launch a new product which is a sparkling, fruity and low calorie beverage to compete Orangina Schweppes on its own field with a mass marketing and sales strategy. It is a pretty good success, but of course when you are Coca Cola everything goes faster!



Stay tuned






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