Does a country makes a difference; Canada Dry vs Schweppes

By; E.te Grotenhuis

Dear Sodaholics,

Today we will be analysing one of the most successful niche Soda brands that is currently out on the shelves. It is the refreshing drink, “Canada Dry”, and it comes from the Dr. Pepper-Snapple Group. It originally started as a tonic in Canada back in 1890. It was launched by a pharmacist in Toronto and quickly exploded as a popular alternative to alcoholic beverages in the prohibition era down in the U.S. Since then, it has been labelled and sold as a fairly conservative soft drink brand. Due to its fairly low sugar content and containing real ginger it truly can be viewed as a step above other brands in the market.

We will compare this typical Canadian brand with a typical Swiss brand called Schweppes. Nowadays they are in the same portfolio from the Dr Pepper-Snapple Group. But the drinks started both independently. Their appearance will be evaluated, to see if there are differences in advertising per country.

So let’s start with Canada Dry. The brand uses the colours; green, red and the crown is goldish. Reason why a lot of brands in Canada have the dark green colour is, because the colour stands for the nature and purity. The country is well-known for their abundance of nature. And by using this colour the company tries to make the direct connection with the country of origin. The colour red can also be seen as a connection with the country. This colour is one of the colours in the flag. The red symbolized there the sacrifices of Canadian lives during the wars.

For Schweppes the main colours in the logo are yellow and black. The colour yellow is always associated with happiness and joy. Of course drinking a nice Schweppes beverage, means enjoying the day. They also state in their slogan; Schweppes Sparkling Water is the perfect way to elevate your everyday”. The colour black is used to show power.

These paragraphs shows us that Canadian Dry keeps their Canadian heritage intact where Schweppes use of colours shows a more global approach. The Schweppes brand does not show a direct connection with their Swiss heritages.

You also see these decisions back in their way of advertising. When we look at the advertisements of Canada Dry, it shows that being natural is important for them, but as well their heritage. For Schweppes most focus lays at the power differentiation. Most advertisements have a focus on power.

This is also seen back in the television advertisements. A commercial of Canada Dry shows a lot of green nature, mostly farming fields, whereas Schweppes show their products in the commercials mostly in bars or clubs. As well that the main character in the commercial shows power.

So overall we couldn’t say that there are differences in country as we speak about these two brands. However it shows us that a brand carry through their thoughts in every channel of advertisements.




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